Foster kittens 101


Adopted: Latte 17 February 2008, Leccy 19 February 2008, Tabby 23 February 2008, Carla 21 March 2008.

January 2008

Fostering kittens seemed the only solution to the void that Smoggy had left... as there was only one Smoggy. Fostering kittens through the Lort Smith Animal Hospital has been a great experience - the highs of enjoying the first four kittens and the lows of having to part with them. Here are the first graduates ready for adoption after arriving at four weeks old and leaving at ten weeks.

the first foster kittens graduates for 2008


Latte was the only boy in his family but he was a loving and adorable little guy… a real smoothie smoocher.

foster kitten Latte


Carla started off as Carl but this was soon rectified and apologies made; she was a slower learner but she finally excelled to be the top of the smooch class.

foster kitten Carla


Leccy was the first girl to be loving and demand affection… she was very smoochie and gave as good as she got.

foster kitten Leccy


Tabby was a real sweetie… so loving of her siblings and seemed to have a cleaning fetish, making sure her siblings were always looking their finest.

foster kitten Tabby