Foster kittens 102


Adopted: Mitey 6 April 2008, Tufty 12 April 2008.

March 2008

After fostering the first batch of kittens, what better challenge than getting these two little tykes straight off the mean streets. Here are the second graduates ready for adoption after arriving at about two weeks old and leaving at eight weeks - such a joy!

the second batch of foster kittens graduates for 2008


She started out a shy little girl but always very inquisitive and loved having a bigger sister in <a href="" title="Visit Carla at Faster Pussycat Productions">Carla</a> for a short time (while she returned for some R&R).

foster kitten Mitey


Tufty was a real sweetie who loved lap-pats and nibbling on your fingers in equal amounts but not at the same time.

foster kitten Tufty