Foster kittens 103


Adopted: Macchiato 28 May 2008, Whisper 28 May 2008, Gypsy 7 June 2008, Blinker 7 June 2008, Whisper 8 June 2008.

April 2008

Got the call "there’s five foster kittens needing some socialising" and jumped at the chance. They were older and very scared of people but they started to come round after only a few days but unfortunately they all started to get sick so I had to hand them in for some professional fostering, as they were too big and scared for me to administer medications to them. I was sad to see them go.

the third batch of foster kittens for 2008


She was so glamorous with those amazing whiskers, they reminded us of the fans that the fan dancer Gypsy Rose Lee used... hence Gypsy.

foster kitten Gypsy


I have a soft spot for tabbies and having to stare at the twins to figure out differences was not a chore at all.

foster kitten Winker


The very elusive Whisper, she is like “dark matter”, (we know it’s there but it’s impossible to detect) being black just makes it even better.

foster kitten Whisper


He is such gorgeous tabby, he looks like an ocelot with those markings... one of the differences between him and his brother was that one winked and one blinked.

foster kitten Blinker


Macchiato was the first of the five to give me some love. She would purr and purr and love sitting on your lap.

foster kitten Macchiato


The fab five were fostered by an experienced carer and have blossomed... I am so proud of them.