Foster kitten 104


Adopted: Puddles 15 May 2008.

May 2008

After fostering five ferals and not being able to follow them through, a little ginger super star arrived on my door step... well, okay, I picked him up and brought him home but Ginger (named by his previous foster carer) was just what the doctor ordered, even though he had some sniffles, needing tender loving care and medication.

the fourth batch of foster kitten graduate for 2008


He was the happiest little kittie I have ever met. 90% happy chappy and only 10% crazy kittie... after 10pm normally.

foster kitten ginger

Sir Purrrsalot aka Puddles aka Puddlesworth aka Professor Fanta Pants

He was such a character, who could stop at one name... and I know understand the charisma that gingers have.

foster kitten puddles