Foster kittens 105


Adopted: Milly 3 June 2008, Cocoa 8 June 2008, Polly 8 June 2008, Boots 15 June 2008, Randi 18 June 2008.

June 2008

Five seems like a nice round number and a fabulous amount of kittens. The three girls Milly, Cocoa and Polly graduated first and were all adopted quickly and then two weeks later the boys Boots and Randi graduated. They were all adorable little kitties and yet another fab five.

the fifth batch of foster kitten graduate for 2008


He was like the older and wiser brother to his siblings. A very inquisitive sweet souled little guy... always with impeccable manners.

foster kitten Randi


Although the smallest, she was the character of the litter, always looking very cheeky and up to something mischievous.

foster kitten Milly


Polly was a big snuggle bunny, with all that great fur she started to enjoy being a lap kittie and love having her fur stroked and brushed.

foster kitten Polly


Cocoa was such a relaxed little lady and had the best little fluffy furry coat, it was like a minx jacket... probably from Harrods.

foster kitten Cocoa


He was such a purrring machine, he would often forget to turn off his motor and kept purrring for hours. Such a sweet little guy.

foster kitten Boots