Foster kittens 107


Adopted: Delilah 28 September 2008, Edmund 29 September 2008, Mouse 29 September 2008.

September 2008

This litter was the biggest yet, six kittens in total (four girls and two boys) but because three of them were so small and needing extra care, they went to another carer. My half of the family were so confident and happy from day one... little superstars!

the seven session of foster kittens graduate for 2008


Mouse was a great little guy although a little shyer than his siblings. He had a great temperament and he has been adopted with his brother. Excellent!

foster kitten Mouse


Delilah was a little gorgeous superstar, she loved being with you or her brothers and the camera simply adored her.

foster kitten Delilah


Like his namesake, Edmund was a true adventurer. He enjoyed climbing onto backs and shoulders or riding in his personal kitten box, he loved the thrill.

foster kitten Edmund