Foster kittens 202


Adopted: Bango 19 February 2009, Resig 19 February 2009, Swedberg 21 February 2009.

February 2009

I was indeed in the foster revolving door - no sooner did I dropped off kittens as I arrived home with more. These three fluffy little guys did not stay long but they sure made an impression. These kittens were named after three amigos of the jQuery community John Resig, Rey Bango and Karl Swedberg and are now know as the jQittens.

the second foster kitten graduates for 2009


Resig and I had a special bond, as I hand fed him the first few days when he was sick and not eating... he thanked me with a big belly.

foster kitten Resig


Swedberg was like an aloof teenager, not interested in affection, flinched when touched but he bloomed to be a real smoochie smoothie.

foster kitten Swedberg


Bango was an adorable little guy, so very, very happy and purrry. He would come for his medication but stay for the belly rubs.

foster kitten Bango