Foster kittens 203


Adopted: Rupert 22 March 2009, Parker 22 March 2009, Penny 29 March 2009, Belamy 29 March 2009, Thomas 30 March 2009, Olive 30 March 2009.

March 2009

After a short break to regroup, dust myself off and refresh myself, I jumped in and landed on all paws with six foster kittens, the most ever! Yeah okay... crazy cat lady status affirmed.

the third foster kitten graduates for 2009


Parker was the purrrfect little panther, a gentle giant with the softest fur. A funny little guy, always falling asleep with all his feet out-stretched.

foster kitten Parker


Rupert was the adventurer of the family, loving nothing better than to view the world from a pair of shoulders.

foster kitten Rupert


Thomas was the littlest of the family but was such a sweetheart, such a lovely little guy... yes we bonded.

foster kitten Thomas


From the moment you met Olive, she had you under her spell, such a happy little lady who loved smooching and talking.

foster kitten Olive


Belamy was a very relaxed little guy, always up for a pat and a cuddle. His favourite game was fetch... over and over and over again.

foster kitten Belamy