Foster kittens 208


Adopted: Heidi 21 August 2009, Billy 21 August 2009, Beans 22 August 2009, Muffin 22 August 2009.

August 2009

Returning to the regular foster routine of little ones who are sick and need some TLC. These four were part of a larger litter of seven; an adorable little crew and my first white, light coloured litter.

the eighth foster kitten graduates for 2009


Muffin got his name by sitting in his bed, just plonked in there like a little round muffin... oh so sweet and yummy! As you can see from his moustache, he loved his food.

foster kitten Muffin


Heidi was so happy, smoochy and loving. She just would not sit still if there was a chance to be snuggly with you... such a sweetie.

foster kitten Heidi


Beans by name, Beans by nature. She not only was full of beans but also had the most gorgeous black spots on her back... so bursting with beans too.

foster kitten Beans


Billy made the biggest changes during his time with me, from being a little biting machine to a very lovable little guy and a real charmer.

foster kitten Billy