Foster family 209


Adopted: Poppy 23 October 2009, Louie 23 October 2009, Pom Pom 23 October 2009, Bella 02 November 2009, Pepper 07 March 2010.

October 2009

Bella arrived as a single mother with four little ones from a home with too many kitties. She settled well and was very talkative about everything but especially about her new life to come.

the ninth session of foster kitties graduates for 2009

Family portrait

Here is Bella in the closest we have to a family portrait with her four little toddlers running about... Pepper, Pom Pom, Poppy and Louie.

foster family 209


Poppy had developed an interesting fetish... she just loved boxes and made one her very own little apartment. She played in it, slept in it and invited the other girls round to gossip.

foster kitten Poppy


What a majestic and handsome little man Louie had grown into, although it was hard to find a photo of him not blowing a raspbery at me.

foster kitten Louie

Pom Pom

How can one kitten be so photogenic? There were so many cute photos of Pom Pom but thought this one was special as she was giving a little cheeky smile.

foster kitten Pom Pom


What a little trooper Pepper was. Discovered early that she had a condition called pectus excavatum (her ribcage not formed properly & curled inwards). She had undergone various vet checks and operations when finally, a clean bill of health, desexed and ready for adoption. Such a long journey but with a very happy ending for this little lady.

foster kitten Pep