Foster kittens 210


Adopted: Pembleton 09 December 2009, Freya 11 December 2009, Sinbad 12 December 2009.

December 2009

After the last fosters, I thought I had finished my year but when the foster phone rings... I pounced. These three little lovelies just needed some fattening up, ahhh... my speciality.

the tenth session of foster kitties graduates for 2009


Pembleton was definitely the cheekiest of this family. He was such a dynamo, purrrforming his matrix ninja moves on his siblings... just amazing to watch from the safety of the couch.

foster kitten Pembleton


Freya slowly filled her slim feline figure into a svelte pussycat sized 0. She also developed an interesting habit of sucking on her brothers thumbs (paws)... a cute but very soggy habit.

foster kitten Freya


Sinbad was such a sweet little guy, playing very politely games of chasey, tag you’re it and ending with delicate death kicks... he was always very caring of his siblings.

foster kitten Sinbad