Foster family 302


Adopted: Autumn 7 May 2010, Twiggles 15 May 2010, Rofl 29 May 2010.

May 2010

Autumn was surrendered by the Who’s for Cats program. Through this program, she already had an owner waiting to adopt her once she has finished nursing her two tiny tykes, who were only four days old when they arrived.

foster kitten Autumn

Family portrait

Autumn was a very happy and purrry little lady, loved to smooch and was a very conscientious and loving mum. There were so many adorable Kodak moments.

the second session of foster kitties graduates for 2010


Twiggles was a little mummy’s boy but that’s quite okay. He was also a bit of a late bloomer... always preferring a snooze over playing.

foster kitten Twiggles


Rofl was the little dynamo in the family, always up and about and playing and poking at Twiggles to join in.

foster kitten Rofl