Foster kittens 304


Adopted: Hubert 5 December 2010, Lou Lou 5 December 2010, Pickles 10 December 2010, Jasmin 30 December 2010.

December 2010

What a lovely bunch of coconuts these tykes were. After only a month they left for their new lives, all relaxed and well adjusted... and missed here at foster HQ.

the fourth session of foster kitties graduates for 2010


What a character little Hubert was. He smooched at an experienced pussycat level... just looking at him made me smile. This little tyke would melt anyone’s heart in a jiffy.

foster kitten Hubert

Lou Lou

Lou Lou was such a happy little gal and was even more happy when she saw the food bowl arrive. As you can see here, Lou Lou was all about up close and personal.

foster kitten Lou Lou


Pickles was so lovely... purring, smooching and just generally having a great time except when it came to having her eye ointment applied... she really was not impressed.

foster kitten Pickles


Jasmin was the shyest of the crew but she blossomed. She relaxed, loved a good purr and enjoyed a little chin rub or two.

foster kitten Jasmin