CD Packaging

BoyTown soundtrack CD


After completing all the graphics required for the BoyTown film the next natural hop, skip and boggieloo was to the BoyTown soundtrack CD. Faster Pussycat Productions stepped up to the dance floor by designing a live CD, a CD single, the soundtrack CD album and for the first time ever: a vinyl record… remember them? A very proud moment.

Bob Valentine and Rhonda Burchmore CD

Bob Valentine and Rhonda Burchmore

Bob Valentine and Faster Pussycat Productions are no strangers, and here with this CD “Together… Alone”, Bob teams for the first time on CD with Rhonda Burchmore, star of stage, screen and song. Bob and Rhonda have known each other for ages and they have put together a bunch of their own favourite tracks, mix them up with some duets & quite by accident, they ended up telling the story of their lives & careers.

PBS Sample No1 CD

PBS 106.7FM

A fateful meeting with the PBS marketing manager, produced a long and endearing relationship with PBS. In this case, they would often receive distributor art for a CD publication that either needed to be rebranded or simply added their own branding. Here Faster Pussycat Productions used some existing imagery and added some flair in the design.

RRR Used and Recorded By, Volume 3 CD

RRR 102.7FM

After responding to a call for designers over the airwaves, Faster Pussycat Productions designed a few in-house CDs, and then this commercial CD… the Used and Recorded By, Volume 3 CD which is still selling through the station and independent record stores.

CD client list

CD and DVD art design

of all kinds…

  • ABC
    • M.D.A. Press Kit
  • Aphasia
    • Idle Talk & Hollow Promises
    • S.O.S.
  • Bob Valentine
    • Revenge of the Big Band
    • Our Blood Pumps Red and Blue
    • Together… Alone with Rhonda Burchmore
  • Boytown
    • Live
    • I Cry
    • Boytown soundtrack
  • Brett Wood
    • Turn It Up
  • Dan Rose Music
    • Aussie Come on! Australian Essential Classic – Vol 1
  • Inductotherm
    • Foundry Safety Kit
  • Joe Fernandez
    • I Believe
  • Michele Hedley
    • A Chance to Shine
  • National Australia Bank
    • A Brand New Start
  • PBS
    • Hot Records, Didgeridoo & PBS Sampler No.1
    • Live on PBS
    • The Easey Street Sessions – Vols 1, 2, 3
  • Peter Fernandez
    • Desire
  • Ron Land
    • Somewhere Out There
    • From a Window
  • RRR
    • RRR Burns – Vols 1 thru 7
    • Used and Recommended By – Vol 3
  • SoundClass
  • Stephen Whitehead
    • Sands of Time
    • Superficial Heroes