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We don’t mean to boast but in this fast-paced and ever-changing world, it is really satisfying to service clients that we have known for years… many, many years. Antaeus is one such valued client. Situated in Melbourne’s Grand Hyatt Hotel, Antaeus has been in business since 1987, providing first class botanical product, backed-up by great service from friendly and helpful staff.

Faster Pussycat Productions helped Antaeus with their first venture into the world wide web by creating a fully Web Standards compliant site. Weaving together the magical threads of CSS, XHTML and modern JavaScript, we presented a site which was accessible by all and fully optimised but that was 2006.

Today, mobile devices dominate web usage as not everyone is married to a desktop computer anymore. Responsive Web Design is the current standard to ensure websites are optimised for readability and performance, no matter what size the device. We are very proud of this work so please visit Antaeus to marvel in some botanical beauty.

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Flex Pack website

Flex Pack Service & Supplies

Faster Pussycat Productions has been producing work for Flex Pack for many, many years and over that time, we have seen many forms of websites produced for Flex Pack. Today Faster Pussycat Productions is proud to present a modernised website which adheres strictly to web standards coding. The end result is a website that we are very proud of and works beautifully for the client.

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